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Marina Diamandis jokes that vocal injury happened after she had quit smoking

Marina and the Diamonds sensation Marina Diamandis visited Channel 4's Sunday Brunch set this morning (May 6) for an interview and a spot of "light baking".

The stylish star sat down for a chat with Tim Lovejoy and opened up about the vocal injury that has forced her to postpone her entire forthcoming headlining tour:

"It's much better, I've been on steroids for weeks. I had a vocal injury about 3 weeks ago, I gave up smoking in October and as soon as I gave up, it happened!"

She explained that the recording process is more strenuous from a vocal perspective than touring because it often requires singers to do 12 hour stints of singing:

"You're always belting and doing the same line maybe 12 times - then stop. The doctor says it's a 6 week injury, so I'm about 2 weeks from healing."

The 'Primadonna' songstress has rescheduled her tour to begin on June 18 in Norwich and confessed that in the past month she's spent several weeks being completely silent under doctor's orders:

"I've done 2 bouts in the past 2 weeks (of not talking). It's so boring and annoying for other people!"




She also spoke about her new album, 'Electra Heart', and revealed that she created a character in order to tell the story of her "tragic love life":

"It's based around a fictional character called Electra Heart, it's like a guide to love - inspired by my tragic love life. I have quite a black sense of humour anyway so it's kind of felt there."

When asked her opinion on the rise of talent contests for aspiring musicians, Diamandis admitted that when she was trying to get signed she went down every route possible so she understands the appeal of those shows:

"If I could have done that route I would have jumped at it (Brit school). I used to try everything - girl band auditions, food commercials - anything to be in this industry so then I started writing my own songs and 3 years later I got signed."

"The Voice is quite enjoyable, it is a gimmick but I like it. I'm not sure how effective it is to make a career for someone. It can happen, it just depends if you're a real talent."

Watch her music video for 'Primadonna' below: